are you Making A Difference?

What is ruMAD?

ruMAD? is a dynamic mix of education, action, advocacy and events. Think of ruMAD? as a toolkit that enables young people to lead social change and become active citizens. it is focused on values and led by students but benefits the whole community.

Why is ruMAD? important?

"The learning framework underpinning ruMAD? reflects current thinking about developing student leadership. At the educational core of this program is a student-centered approach. And it is now widely accepted that connecting student-led learning to the community benefits both the learner and the community. By being flexible, ruMAD? is also adaptable across varying curriculum and learning environments." Dr. Lucas Welsh, Director of Research, FYA

ruMAD? students learn that they are important today, for what they can do, for the dreams and hopes they hold, and for the changes they can bring about." - Roger Holdsworth, Senior Research Associate, University of Melbourne AYRC

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