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Read Across America Day - Monday March 2, 2015

Grab Your Hat and Read with the Cat! Celebrate NEA's Read Across America Day


Those who are six, sixteen, sixty-four, and more have all kinds of great events in store for the National Education Association's nineteenth annual observance of NEA's Read Across America. NEA is calling America's children, both young and old, to reward their learning by celebrating the joys of reading on Dr. Seuss's birthday. Readers of all ages are encouraged to celebrate with this year's book Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Celebrate the joy of reading across the nation on Monday, March 2nd - this year's official Read Across America Day.

As part of Best of the Batch Foundation's commitment to education and literacy, Charlie will be visiting several Pittsburgh region schools to read his favorite stories to students. 

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readingandcompliteracy.jpgIndividuals are strengthened when they work together for the common good, so we build partnerships with parents, families, communities, and organizations to bring quality education to students through summer reading programs. 

The Dictionary Project


The Dictionary Project is a program to benefit youth and promote literacy. We have teamed up with our local Rotary Club to participate in this annual event. Each third grade student receives a dictionary plus a brief tutorial reviewing the content. Even in an electronic age, teachers remark how the students regularly use the books to enhance their studies. The books are often passed along to younger siblings and other family members.

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