Next Level Athletes Shine at Columbus Track and Field Classic

With 13 years of successfully combining education and sports, Best of the Batch Foundation continues this mission with its latest educational sports program, Next Level Athletics Track Club (NLA).  And on May 19, four of those athletes were awarded medals at the Columbus Track and Field Classic.

Danielle Bryant:

-2nd in the 200 meter

-1st in the 400 meter

Raven Haston:

-3rd in the 100 meter

-6th in the 200 meter

Mikayla Logan:

-6th in the long jump

Karrson Ewing:

-4th in the 200 meter

-7th in the 400 meter

NLA athletes compete on a team that teaches Olympic level fundamentals while at the same time offering health and wellness education.  Then, after much hard work and success, athletes will be given the chance to travel to the USATF Regionals in Buffalo, NY with the end goal of advancing to the USATF Junior Olympic Nationals in Greensboro, NC.

With an elite volunteer coaching staff, Next Level Athletics includes children ages 7-18 in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.  The staff’s commitment is evident as it must be when there is a bigger picture at hand: teaching kids how to succeed in everyday life through discipline, structure and teamwork.

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