This May, the LIDS Foundation will support

Best of the Batch Foundation


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The LIDS Foundation is calling for YOU to Just Do Something in the month of May!  This month, LIDS Sports Group stores will be supporting Best of the Batch Foundation through register and canister donations. 

Former NFL quarterback, Charlie Batch, and the  Batch Foundation’s goal is to provide financially challenged youth and their families with the purpose, desire and resources to give their best efforts in all they do throughout their lives.

Starting Friday, May 1st, donations at area stores, will go to the Batch Foundation.  LIDS is looking forward to making a BIG difference to the Batch Foundation!

Stores in IA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MY, OH, PA WI and WV will support Best of the Batch Foundation.  

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The LIDS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, recognizes that today's youth are tomorrow's leaders. With a mission to support young people in our communities, the Foundation works to engage them in sports-related activities. These activities promote active and healthy lifestyles as well as leadership and growth opportunities. The LIDS Foundation turns this belief into action primarily through offering resources, be it in the manner of time, expertise, funds, or materials, to non-profit organizations whose goals and values align with those of the LIDS Foundation.