Dignity & Respect for Youth

Dignity and Respect for Youth on Ripped Paper

I will treat everyone with Dignity and Respect.

Charlie Batch is a National Spokesperson for the Dignity & Respect Campaign for Youth, an initiative focused on promoting positive behaviors in K-12 schools and youth programs. Students are encouraged to "treat everyone with dignity and respect" as well as participate in activities that encourage dignity, respect and anti-bullying behaviors throughout the year.


D&R Zone Program

First implemented by the Best of the Batch Foundation, the D&R Zone Program engages administrators, teachers, students, and parents in efforts to promote dignity and respect. With 30 Tips of Dignity and Respect as the foundation, related activities are offered for multiple grade levels to implement throughout the school program or year, including:

  • tip of the day
  • pledge drives
  • essay, poetry, and poster contests
  • D&R Youth Champion Program
  • National D&R for Youth Day

Visit the D&R Website to learn more about D&R for Youth