Best of the Batch Club

Students in grades K-8 must demonstrate excellence in: school work, attendance, behavior, and extra-curricular activities during selected months out of the school year. Students are then rewarded by attending a special field trip with Charlie to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and a Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball game.  

Pro Football Hall of Fame Trip


The Pro Football Hall of Fame began its award-winning Field Trip Program in 1984. Since then, hundreds of thousands of students have participated. The interdisciplinary program is supplemented by pre- and post-visit classroom activities that are aligned with national standards of education. The curricular area depends upon program selection by a teacher.

Participating students are encouraged to use critical thinking skills as they tour the museum with a grade appropriate questionnaire booklet that serves as their guide.

A field trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame gives students the exciting opportunity to have a meaningful and educational museum experience while enjoying the excitement of America's most popular sport.

Each program is supplemented by a lesson aligned with National Standards of Education. Middle school students are able to go a self-guided tour of museum with a questionnaire booklet to assist while touring.

The Super Bowl Theater (a spectacular state-of-the-art rotating theater) is always the highlight of the trip. Charlie waits for the students to exit and has his Super Bowl rings available for the students to try on and take pictures with. Each student receives a certificate, gift bags and other materials.  

Pirate Games


Every year, a generous sponsor provides tickets to a box at the Pirate game for our Best of the Batch Club kids.