Best of the Batch Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to improving the lives of children and families in distressed communities by building character, self-esteem, and appreciation for education. Currently serving southwestern Pennsylvania, Best of the Batch Foundation does good works, such as scholarships to college-bound students and a yearly back-to-school BatchPack book bag distribution to kids and teachers.  Best of the Batch also offers programming that couples sports with learning—such as the seven week summer basketball camp where participating boys and girls attend study halls where they read and discuss pre-selected books.

Founded by NFL quarterback Charlie Batch in 1999, Best of the Batch Foundation embodies Charlie's values of dedication, leadership, and trust.  Over the years, Charlie has leveraged his status as a Pittsburgh Steeler to attract and engage young people. Every program at Best of the Batch affirms the value of his personal motto--the 5 P's--in all aspects of life: proper preparation prevents poor performance. His passion is to unlock the potential of children and their families by providing resources to educate and empower them to give their best efforts in all they do...to be the best of the batch in life.

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Let me say something about Charlie Batch. …The great thing about Charlie is that he’s not just a football player but really cares about this community. He established Best of the Batch Foundation to assist local youth and hosts Project C.H.U.C.K, an annual youth basketball league in Homestead.  I can vouch for the fact that Charlie loves kids.—Dan Rooney